Some Girl(s) debuts on Vimeo as Vimeo's first on demand feature film

"Some Girl(s)", written by Neil LaBute (based on his play) and directed by Daisy von Sherler Mayer is coming to theaters on June 28th but will also be making its debut on a platform that is already a central hub for many indie filmmakers - Vimeo. 

While Vimeo has never released a feature film online, it already has a library of over 1300 films in its On Demand catalog that mostly consist of documentaries and short films. Vimeo hopes to provide one more platform, in addition to Netflix and Amazon, where filmmakers can release their films independent of the burdensome studio system.  

We're excited to see this first step for Vimeo as we continue on our path toward producing our first feature. We have a long way before we get there with a lot of other exciting projects that need to be produced along the way but Vimeo's entrance into this marketplace only serves to encourage us to pick up the pace. 

Dale Goldberg

Yes, you may have noticed Dale's initials, D-R-G. It's actually not a coincidence. When Dale started his career in film, he was only in sixteen but his talents as a storyteller earned him a job as the head of marketing at a martial arts studio - before he'd even graduated high school. Later, when he was a Lead Creative at Apple, his talents for solving problems on set and in the editing room earned him the nickname "Dr. G". Now, he applies those same skills at his own company. Dale has over ten years of experience in video and film production. He holds a degree in Marketing and Advertising from Kennesaw State University and a professional certificate in screenwriting from UCLA. He has written two feature length screenplays, directed three short films, and produced countless commercial projects. He lives in the Greater Atlanta Area with his wife and daughter and is writing his third feature length screenplay.