I often end my night with the intention of writing three pages in the screenplay I'm working on. I'll put my little girl to sleep, kiss my wife good night, and then -- 

Well, honestly, I'll think about how long my day has been and how hard I've worked. I can't just go do more "work" before going to bed. When am I supposed to blow off steam? What am I supposed to just work all day, go to sleep and then wake up to do it all over again? 

Don't get me wrong. I love writing. But it is work. Sometimes I just need to let my mind veg, ya' know? 

So I'll turn on "30 Rock". I've been watching it on Netflix. I'm not sure how I ever missed that show when it was on. It's highly addicting. 

Just one episode. You know, so I can just relax a little and prepare my mind for writing. 

I watch the show, have some good laughs, and then when the credits roll. I say to myself, "Ok. Time to get to work."

But the credits came all too soon. A 30 minute show with out commercials it turns out is more like 20 minutes and that can fly by quick.

Oh look, Netflix is going to auto play the next episode. Isn't that nice?

Maybe  just one more episode. Then I'll definitely get to work. 


Dale Goldberg

Yes, you may have noticed Dale's initials, D-R-G. It's actually not a coincidence. When Dale started his career in film, he was only in sixteen but his talents as a storyteller earned him a job as the head of marketing at a martial arts studio - before he'd even graduated high school. Later, when he was a Lead Creative at Apple, his talents for solving problems on set and in the editing room earned him the nickname "Dr. G". Now, he applies those same skills at his own company. Dale has over ten years of experience in video and film production. He holds a degree in Marketing and Advertising from Kennesaw State University and a professional certificate in screenwriting from UCLA. He has written two feature length screenplays, directed three short films, and produced countless commercial projects. He lives in the Greater Atlanta Area with his wife and daughter and is writing his third feature length screenplay.