How To Win An Election

The race for the White House is getting pretty heated and as we've been getting closer to knowing who our future president will be, I've been watching to see which candidates are doing the better job of telling stories to sell their ideas.

In this short documentary from the New York Times, political strategist Mark McKinnon shares how candidates for president win their elections. 

If we look at the current election, the frontrunners, in general, are staying ahead by playing on people's fears and emotions. They tell stories about threats from terrorism, inequality for minorities, and how financial troubles have impacted the middle class. These narratives, whether true or false, give the American public something they can relate to because they're all human stories. We can all empathize with our fellow Americans and when a candidate claims they want to help those people they make themselves the hero of their own story. 

Storytelling is a powerful tool - no matter what you're selling. 

Dale Goldberg

Yes, you may have noticed Dale's initials, D-R-G. It's actually not a coincidence. When Dale started his career in film, he was only in sixteen but his talents as a storyteller earned him a job as the head of marketing at a martial arts studio - before he'd even graduated high school. Later, when he was a Lead Creative at Apple, his talents for solving problems on set and in the editing room earned him the nickname "Dr. G". Now, he applies those same skills at his own company. Dale has over ten years of experience in video and film production. He holds a degree in Marketing and Advertising from Kennesaw State University and a professional certificate in screenwriting from UCLA. He has written two feature length screenplays, directed three short films, and produced countless commercial projects. He lives in the Greater Atlanta Area with his wife and daughter and is writing his third feature length screenplay.