Dale is a director with over 18 years of experience in video and film. He’s worked in various capacities of television and film production but most prominently as an editor. In 2014, he took the plunge into directing and began making commercials for various agencies and production companies in the Atlanta area.

Dale enjoys narrative projects in addition to his work in commercials, music videos and short films. He’s currently in production on a series about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that is set to finish in 2020. He also has two other series in development and is hoping to work on those in 2020 or 2021.

Dale is drawn to projects with strong emotions that pose interesting questions. Even in commercial work, there exists the possibility of making the audience feel something by connecting the story to something real and visceral. Dale hopes to show audiences truth through the exploration of character and emotion.

Dale is currently the Director of Video for Polymath Innovations in Atlanta and is also a visiting professor for Kennesaw State University’s Media and Entertainment Business Program. He resides in Atlanta with his wife and two children.