New Project: Preserve The Light / by Dale Goldberg

Preserve The Light (PTL) is a non-profit clothing company based in Atlanta, Ga run by Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders. The organization seeks to provide professional cheerleaders a way to maintain their spiritual education and health through Bible study and fellowship. Dr. G Films worked closely with the organization's founder and others involved to produce this project in a timely manner for use on their website.


For this project, we took on the role of handling cinematography and post-production. The producer and director on this project was Tai Anderson, also known as the bass guitarist from Third Day. Tai takes a particular interest in Christian organizations in the Atlanta area and his friendship with Kiley Burowski (founder of PTL) is what led him to take on the role of Director for this project.  

We were excited we could provide our services to Tai and Kiley and encourage you to check out their website if you feel led to do so.