I'm joining Modest Films / by Dale Goldberg

It's official! The past three months I've been working for hire at local production company, Modest Films, where I've worked on multiple projects as an Editor. 

Today, I am officially their full time Editor. What does that mean for Dr. G Films? While Dr. G has been a company only a short while, Dr. G always been my name sake. The company will continue to exist but only for special projects I choose take on by myself as a Writer/Director. Primarily, it will serve as an outlet for less commercial work and more of the narrative work I've been longing to do. As much as I enjoy working will all my clients and the opportunities it's afforded me over the years, it'd be unfair to not give them the opportunity to work with a more resourceful company like Modest while I'm there. 

Dr. G Films will continue to exist as a place for me to pursue my own creative endeavors outside of Modest if and where appropriate. For future updates about my work at Modest or projects I'm working on as a Writer/Director, please follow my blog