Filmmaker Liam Worthington on why you should put six kids in a room and chop them up / by Dale Goldberg

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Getting a film made is extremely difficult. Even in today's age of digital distribution and crowdfunding supported projects, finding a good story and an audience interested in watching it can be challenging. And that's not even taking into account the challenges of getting crew and principle actors to buy in to what you're doing. 

But never fear. Video and has an article from filmmaker Liam Worthington who has some funny (and vulgar) words of inspiration and wisdom to help kickstart us in the right direction (that is, after his words of utter depression and humiliation). Liam's surprisingly humble and transparent story was something I felt I could really relate to having been in this industry for over ten years now. While I haven't been able to make a feature film yet, I can definitely relate to his stories of dealing with people who would take advantage of his passion and desire for filmmaking. 

But aside from the depressing aspects of his story, Liam ultimately feels that now is the best time to make your film (or whatever creative endeavor you're working on) and shares some great advice on how he thinks you can get it done. 

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