Drago Gear is Ready for Your Mission and also ready for you to see their commercials - by me! / by Dale Goldberg

Happy to finally share this project with everyone. I posted pictures of my behind the scenes experience on this commercial a few weeks back and I'm pleased to say we were able to turn it around rather quickly. I was commissioned by Modest to direct and edit a 30 second commercial for Drago gear. 

The original plan was to only do the 30 second spot which would air on The Sportsman Channel. But I got word while we were on set that the client was so pleased with what they'd seen that they were considering doing an extended cut as well. Once they saw what I was able to pull off on the 30 second commercial, they decided they had to see the extended which you can now see as well with this YouTube link.  Hope you guys like it. 

I want to give credit to our composer Daniel Butman for his contributions to the piece. He was a pleasure to work with and really delivered exactly what I was hoping to get. You should definitely check out his work if you're not familiar with him. Oh, and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention our awesome D.P., Matthew Rogers, who I've worked with before but this was our first endeavor working together where I was the Director. He was very patient with me and helpful in a lot of ways. Special thanks to our producer, Lauren Scharfenberg at Modest as well as the big boss, Matt Pope, for giving me the opportunity. Always grateful to work with such talented people. 

And last, but not least, thanks to our special forces guys Aaron, Derek, and Ryan who had great spirits and a great work ethic. Thanks for your service to your country and for your help on these commercials. You guys rock!