Will iCloud Drive replace Dropbox? by Dale Goldberg

When it comes to the announcements made at WWDC, the past few years have been a little lackluster in my opinion. I don't know if that has something to do with the team at Apple going through so many transitions in leadership or if it's more of just a lull in the product cycle. Either way, many of the releases from Apple the past few years have either felt derivative or minor. Even iOS 7 which was a major UI overhaul felt like more of a design change than anything else. I'm sure, of course, there were more changes that happened in the background that developers would be more familiar with. 

This year, however, I gotta' say I'm impressed. So many of the updates announced led to moments where I said "I've always wanted to do that!" Of course, it continues to amaze me that Apple will be making all of these updates available to its customers at no cost to the end user. Features like making phone calls from your Mac, Handoff (picking up work as you move from one device to another), and annotating documents right within Mail make the Mac and iPhone experience that much more enjoyable. Additionally, they are practical features that are useful in business. 

For the business of filmmakers, I will say there's not much that's applicable to video. Actually, nothing BUT I am very excited about the iCloud Drive. This could very well replace my subscription to Dropbox especially considering the generous pricing Apple has presented. Of course, put in to practical use things could be different.

The feature list for iCloud Drive includes the ability to store any type of file you want (a big change from the previous version of iCloud), the ability to have changes you make in a document reflect on all your devices, and the ability to edit documents in multiple apps. Still, even though it was demonstrated at the event, I don't see the ability to share a link to a file or a folder listed as a feature. Those are two features that would be deal breakers for me especially considering that you'll soon be able to store up to 1 TB of data on iCloud. 

Only time will tell if we'll truly be able to replace Dropbox with iCloud Drive. Until then, let the speculation continue.