New Demo Reel by Dale Goldberg

I posted earlier this year that I had joined the team at Modest as their editor. After a few months of work, I'm excited to show off some of the stuff we've worked on in our 2014 Demo Reel. It features a large amount of commercial work with some narrative work thrown in as well. Working for Modest has been a great experience thus far and I'm excited to continue working with them. Check us out! 

Mastering the art of the dolly zoom by Dale Goldberg

The dolly zoom, also sometimes referred to as the "vertigo zoom" is an in camera effect that seems simple on the surface but actually requires a great deal of talent and practice to pull off. It's also perceived by some as a little gimmicky so it's only used when it's really called for.

When is it called for? Well, that's why we have a video to explain it to you. 

And, for your viewing pleasure, here's a montage of dolly zoom clips from various films.

Making a 10 Second Holiday Video by Dale Goldberg

In a few days, many of us will be gathered with family, sitting cozy around the fireplace, eating our favorite sweets and arguing about politics with those we care about.

But how do you capture those special moments on video if you're too busy enjoying the holiday festivities? 

Well, check out this video for a pretty sweet idea that can be fun for the whole family and makes capturing those special moments a cinch. Cheers! 

Cards are out. Create a seasons greetings video. by Dale Goldberg

shutterstock_158831804 copy.jpg

Gobble, gobble everyone. Hope you're gearing up for a Happy Thanksgiving this year. Hopefully, the weather hasn't caused you too much trouble.

In any case, maybe we can at least give you some helpful pointers on how to capture your special holiday moments. We'll be posting lots of fun ways to capture this season using different devices you may have around the house or others we'll recommend you try using. 

For starters, most of you will probably want to use your mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, Androids, etc) to record your family. For us, the iPhone is the best option since it's small, light weight, has a great camera (if you're on an iPhone 5 or 5s) and offers a plethora of apps for recording. 

One uniquely awesome app is the Cycloramic app. It allows you to capture a 360 degree view of a room - hands free. You simply set the iPhone down on a glass surface, hit the hands free button and watch the magic happen. 

And it appears that they've made it available on Android devices now, too. So everyone can join in the fun.

One way we'd recommend using this is to capture a "Season's Greetings" video. Cards are a tired method of sending your seasons greetings so why not do it with the Cycloramic app? Sit your family in a circle around the phone, hit the record button, and everyone can say a little something as the camera spins around. Or simply set it up in unique and fun places to capture the moments of the holidays as they happen. 

In a later post, we'll talk about some methods to best capture these special moments. In the meantime, check out the Cycloramic app. It's free for a limited time right now (regularly $1.99). 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!